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Juan Rafael Mora Porras Juan Rafael Mora Porras (8 February 1814, San José, Costa Rica - 30 September 1860) was President of Costa Rica from 1849 to 1859. He first assumed the presidency following José María Castro's resignation and was subsequently reelected in 1853 and 1859. His administration modified the constitution, increasing the requirements to hold citizenship. A high yearly income was required to be a citizen; this left the majority of the population without the right to vote or run for office. The previous electoral system required citizens to be male, to be born in the country, and to be of age to have electoral rights. This dramatic change coincided with the privatization of the commons; the landless peasants who depended on the commons were left helpless since they had no political representation and no means of achieving it given the changes in the new constitution. Mora performed a series of military reforms that not only increased the size of the army to 9000 able men, but also sought to professionalize it. To this end he hired Polish and French military advisers and purchased state-of-the-art equipment from Great Britain. In 1856 he led his country's forces in Central America's war  ( Wikipedia article )


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San José


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Execution by firing squad
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