Judith Exner

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Judith Exner (January 11, 1934 – September 24, 1999) was an American woman who claimed to be the mistress of U.S. president John F. Kennedy and Mafia leaders Sam Giancana and John Roselli. She was also known as Judith Campbell Exner. She was born Judith Eileen Katherine Immoor in New York; her father was a German immigrant and architect. When she was a child, her family moved to the Los Angeles area, where she grew up in Pacific Palisades. After her mother nearly died in an auto accident when Judith was 14, the girl withdrew from school and was tutored at home. Her older sister Jacqueline (b. 1931) later became an actress and took the professional name Susan Morrow. She also had brothers Allen and Fred, and a sister Joan. At age 18, Judith married the actor William Campbell in 1952 and took his name. He was an alcoholic, and they divorced in 1958. One account says that they divorced in 1959, after having been separated for two years. Described as "stunningly beautiful", beginning in 1960 she had an 18-month relationship with John F. Kennedy, then senator, which continued after he was elected president of the United States. She had a son David Bohrer from a later relationship. In  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Judith Katherine Inmoor,Judith Eileen Katherine Inmoor Exner,judith_exner,Judith Campbell Exner
Date of birth
Place of birth
New York City
United States of America
Susan Morrow


Date of death
Cause of death
Breast cancer
Place of death

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