Jules Brunet

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Jules Brunet Jules Brunet (2 January 1838 – 12 August 1911) was a French officer who played an active role in Mexico and Japan, and later became a General and Chief of Staff of the French Minister of War in 1898. He was sent to Japan with the French military mission of 1867, and after the defeat of the Shogun, had an important role in the latter part of Boshin War between the Imperial forces and the Shogun's army. Brunet was born in Belfort, in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France. He graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1857, where he specialized in artillery. Brunet participated in the French intervention in Mexico (1862–1867), and received the Légion d'honneur. Napoleon III sent a group of military advisors to Japan to help modernize the Shogun's army. Brunet was sent as an artillery instructor. The mission arrived in early 1867, and trained the Shogun's troops for about a year. Then in 1868, the Shogun was overthrown in the Boshin War, and Emperor Meiji was nominally restored to full power. The French military mission was then ordered to leave Japan by Imperial decree. However, Brunet chose to remain. He resigned from the French army, and left for the north of Japan with the  ( Wikipedia article )


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