Julia Neale Jackson

Julia neale jackson

Julia Beckwith (née Neale) Jackson (1798-1831) was the mother of Confederate General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson. Julia Beckwith Neale was born at Peach Orchard near Aldie in Loudoun County, Virginia. She was daughter of Thomas and Margaret C. Winn Neale and the grand daughter of Richard Neale and Francis Underwood as well as Minor Winn and Betty Withers all of Virginia. Moving west, her father, Thomas Neale, achieved high prosperity as a merchant in the town of Parkersburg on the Ohio River. Julia was very intelligent, a devout Christian, and a belle in society, but her life became full of tragedies. In 1817, she married Jonathan Jackson (1790-1826) of Randolph County, an attorney. They were living in Clarksburg and already had two young children when, on January 21, 1824, their third son, Thomas Jonathan Jackson (later to be known as Confederate General Stonewall Jackson) was born. Then tragedy struck the young family. When young Thomas was only 2 years old, both his father and sister Elizabeth, aged 6, died of typhoid fever. Julia gave birth to Thomas' sister Laura Anne the next day. The young widow of 28 was left with debts and sold everything to pay them.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
December 4th, 1831 at age of 33
Places lived
Virginia , United States of America
pop. 8,260,405 (2013)




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