Kai Ho


Sir Kai Ho Kai, CMG, JP, MRCS (Chinese: 何啟; pinyin: Hé Qǐ, Jyutping: Ho4 Kai2), (1859–1914), born Ho Shan-kai (Chinese: 何神啟; pinyin: Hé Shén Qǐ, Jyutping: Ho4 San4 Kai2), was a Hong Kong Chinese barrister, physician and essayist in Colonial Hong Kong. He played a key role in the relationship between the Hong Kong Chinese community and the British colonial government. He is mostly remembered as one of the main supporters and teacher of student Sun Yat-sen. Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong, was named after him and his son-in-law Au Tak, though he died in 1914, long before the idea of an aerodrome was first mentioned in 1925. Kai Ho was the fourth son of the late Reverend Ho Tsun-shin of the London Missionary Society and brother of Ho Miu-ling (wife of Wu Tingfang, Hong Kong's first Chinese barrister and first Chinese member of the Legislative Council, later Chinese Consul-General to the USA). He married Alice Walkden (3 February 1852 – 8 June 1884), eldest daughter of the late John Walkden, Esq, of Blackheath, at St Aubyn's Congregational Church, Upper Norwood, London, England on Dec. 13 1881 and returned to Hong Kong after his studies. Alice gave birth to a daughter, but died of typhoid  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Dr. Kai Ho
Date of birth
Place of birth
Hong Kong
Barrister, Translator, Physician


Institution From To
University of Aberdeen


Date of death
Place of death
Hong Kong

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