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Kalina Rahal is a producer for the 9am hour of the KTLA Morning News. Rahal was born in Bulgaria. She began her professional career in 1993 in the Bulgarian NOVA TV Channel. Kalina started off as the creator and host of the educational program Computer Dreams. One year later she became the head of the station's Public Relations department. In 1995, Kalina was offered a position at Channel 3, where she became a co-anchor for the "Morning Show". Her next big success was the highly popular "A priory" - cultural broadcast which she hosted and produced. After she and her husband, Bashar Rahal moved from Bulgaria to San Diego, California in 1999, she was offered a position at the local KUSI News Station. Shortly after that she was promoted to a line producer for the KUSI Morning Show. After relocating again, this time to Los Angeles in 2006, Kalina got recognition as one of the producers for the Emmy Award-winning KTLA Morning Show. Kalina Rahal is married to actor Bashar Rahal and has a daughter. The family currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The KTLA Morning Show airs Monday-Friday 5:00AM - 10:00AM.

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