Kamakaimoku Noble person

Kamakaʻimoku was a chiefess in ancient Hawaii in the early 18th century. She married three powerful men of the time, was mother of the King who would unite the island of Hawaiʻi and meet the first known visitors from Europe, and grandmother of the founder of the Kingdom that united all of the Hawaiian islands. The mother of Kamakaʻimoku was the High Chiefess Umiula-a-kaʻahumanu, a daughter of Chief Mahiolole of the Kohala district, and Chiefess Kanekukaailani, who was a daughter of ʻI of the Hilo district and Akahikameenoa; consequently she was a cousin to Chief Alapaʻi Nui, and a chiefess of the highest rank. Her father was Chief Ku-a-Nuʻuanau, of Oʻahu island, son of High Chief Nuʻuanu, third son of ʻI of Hilo and Akihikameeonoa (Akahikameenoa). She was related to King ʻUmi of Hawaiʻi island royalty from several islands. She was raised on Oʻahu, while her mother went back to Hawaiʻi island and married Kapahi-a-Ahu-Kane (Kapai-a-Ahu), the son of Ahu-a-I. Both her grandmother Kanekukaailani, her grandfather Nuʻuanu, and her stepfather Kapai-a-Ahu were children of High Chief ʻI of Hilo. Kamakaimoku's name translates as the "Eye of Islands".




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