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Hiroshi Kikuchi (菊池 寛, Kikuchi Hiroshi, December 26, 1888 – March 6, 1948), known by his pen name Kan Kikuchi (which uses the same kanji as his real name), was a Japanese author born in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. He established the publishing company Bungeishunjū, the monthly magazine of the same name, the Japan Writer's Association and both the Akutagawa and Naoki Prize for popular literature. He was also the head of Daiei Motion Picture Company (currently Kadokawa Pictures). He is known to have been an avid player of Mahjong. Kan Kikuchi's published writings encompass 512 works in 683 publications in 7 languages and 2,341 library holdings.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 26th, 1888
Date of death
March 6th, 1948 at age of 59
Places lived
Kagawa Prefecture , Japan
pop. 1,006,488 (2012)


1. Kyoto University Colleges/University

Kyoto University (京都大学, Kyōto daigaku), or Kyodai (京大, Kyōdai) is a national university located in Kyoto, Japan. It is the second oldest Japanese university,, one of the highest ranked universities in Asia and formerly one of Japan's Imperial Universities.

Type National university
Institution colors
May 1st, 1869
Yoshida Honmachi, 606-8501 - Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Kansai region
2013. 13,421
2008. 13,399
2013. 9,256
2008. 9,308
Local tuition
2014. 536 K ¥
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b. 1922., Writer
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b. 1932., Writer

Organizations founded

1. Bungeishunjū


Date funded

January, 1923

Official web page


Chiyoda, Tokyo

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Bungeishunjū Ltd., established in 1923, is a Japanese publishing company known for its leading monthly magazine Bungeishunjū. It grants the annual Akutagawa Prize, one of the most prestigious literary awards in Japan, as well as the annual Naoki Prize for popular novelists. It also grants the annual Bungeishunjū Manga Award for achievement in the manga and illustration fields. It is headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The company publishes Bungakukai, the weekly Bunshun, and the sports magazine Number, which represent public opinion of literary, political, and sport-journalistic culture, respectively. The Bunshun, in particular, has come to be known for litigation involving freedom of speech issues, particularly alleged privacy violations and defamation; see, for example, Mitsuo Kagawa.

Written work

1.The realm beyond

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1964. at Tokyo


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