Károly Ereky

Karl Ereky born as Wittmann Károly and also known as Ereky Károly was an Hungarian Agricultural engineer. Biotechnology was a term coined by him in 1917. Ereky was born on October 18, 1878 in Esztergom, Hungary as Wittmann Károly. His father was István Wittmann and his mother dukai Mária Takács. (Among her relatives was dukai Judit Takács (1795-1836) who was the first hungarian female poet.) In 1893 he changed his name to Ereky. He had three brothers Ereky Jenő, Ereky Ferenc and Ereky István. Ereky finished grammar school at Sümeg and Székesfehérvár. He attended the Technical University of Budapest and in 1900 received a degree in technical engineering. Maybee there is a family connection to Franz Wittmann, prominent electrical engineer and inventor of the Wittmann-oscilloscope. He then worked as machine designer for several paper and food industry companies in Vienna, Austria until 1905. He moved to Budapest and became an assistant professor in József Technical University. In 1919 he became the Hungarian Minister of Nutrition. He wrote over one hundred publications which were written in Hungarian and published in German.

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1952 at age of 74
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