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Karl Schappeller (1875-1947), claimed around the time of World War I to have discovered a new source of power which called Raumkraft (space force) (6)(1) and later Primary Force or Origin Force and Dynomagnetism. This force arises from his discovery that entropy is locally conserved under certain conditions and that nature exploits this, in a limited way, in the life process. Physical activity causes energy to be degraded and become less available, generally, more disordered. Schappeller discovered that there is another process present in nature that reverses this action, The big difference is this emerges only at specific points not in matter as a whole. (In the plant world these points exist in seeds). Schappeller proposed and to some extent developed a machine to utilise this reverse thermodynamics, or put another way develop negative entropy. As is well known Erwin Schroedinger(8), noted the negative entropic effect in the life process. Schappeller had two assistants, Dr. Franz Wetzel and Ingenieur L. Gfoellner. In 1928 appeared a short booklet entitled "Raumkraft" which was a compilation of three earlier pamphlets, "The Essence and meaning of the force discovered by  ( Wikipedia article )


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