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Karl schwanzer

Karl Schwanzer (May 21, 1918 in Vienna – August 20, 1975, Vienna) was an Austrian architect. He was an important figure of post-war architecture. Karl Schwanzer studied architecture at the Technische Hochschule in Vienna, graduating in 1940. In 1941 he received a PhD for his work "Arbeit Neues Bauen im befreiten Oberschlesien. Der Ring in Sohrau. Entschandelung und Gestaltung" (New construction work in liberated Upper Silesia. The ring in Żory. Refurbishment and design). In 1947 Schwanzer opened his own studio. At the beginning of his career as a freelance architect he worked on smaller projects, such as entrance halls and exhibitions, leading to new contracts in the early years. No matter how small the task, Schwanzer completed the assignment with outstanding energy and ingenuity. Successes in national and international competitions helped the studio grow, gaining international recognition with working methods guided by the principle: "Quality is more important than merit". Schwanzer strove for perfection, expanding on an original idea in terms of architecture and functionality.

Personal details

Date of birth
May 21st, 1918
Date of death
1975 at age of 56
Places lived
pop. 1,731,236 (2012)


1. BMW Museum

Architectural style
Contemporary architecture
Opened 1972
Official website www.bmw-museum.com
Wikipedia article

2. BMW Headquarters

Opened 1973
Address Olympic Village, Munich
Structure height 101.0 meters
Floors 22
Wikipedia article


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