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Katzen the Tiger Lady is the stage name of a bodily modified female performance artist and tattoo artist, whose full body tattoo theme is that of a tiger. (Katzen is the German word for cats.) She received extensive tattooing on all parts of her body and wears tiger whiskers attached via piercings on her face. She was at one time married to a male performer named "The Enigma", with whom she collaborated in a musical show team called "The Human Marvels", and with whom she bore one daughter, Caitlin, who resides with Katzen's parents. After a divorce from the Enigma, Katzen went to live with her fiancé and their newborn son, Felix and to work at a tattoo shop in Austin, Texas.

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Austin , Texas
pop. 885,400 (2013)



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1. Firecracker (2005)

Crime, Drama, Mystery
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Firecracker is a 2005 thriller film directed by Steve Balderson, starring Karen Black and Mike Patton of Faith No More.


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United States of America


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