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Keith Alan Hopkins, better known by his stage name, Keith West (born 6 December 1943, Dagenham, Essex, England) was the lead singer of Tomorrow, a 1960s psychedelic rock band. West composed most of the band's songs (duly credited to Keith Hopkins). Despite critical acclaim and support from BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, who featured them on his Perfumed Garden show, the band was not a commercial success. In 1964, West became lead singer of "In Crowd" a rock band from London, which was then renamed Tomorrow. Another member of that earlier band was the guitarist Steve Howe (later Yes). In 1967 West became acquainted with Mark Wirtz, a producer who had already created the instrumental title, "A Touch of Velvet, a Sting of Brass" (1965). Later on, the melody became the theme music for the German television programs, Beat-Club and Musikladen. West himself is perhaps better known as a participant of Wirtz's A Teenage Opera. He was the singer of "Excerpt from A Teenage Opera", also known as "Grocer Jack", which reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart in 1967. He also performed "Sam," which reached the bottom end of the UK Top 40 the same year.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 6th, 1943

Musical acts

1.Heartland Country

1994 - 2012

Heartland is an American country music band from Huntsville, Alabama. It originally consisted of Jason Albert, Craig Anderson, Todd Anderson, Chuck Crawford, Mike Myerson, and Keith West. Signed to Lofton Creek Records in 2006, the band topped the country charts that year with its debut single "I Loved Her First", also the title track to its debut album. After their next five singles failed to chart within the Top 40, all members except Albert and Crawford left, with former solo artist Chad Austin joining.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Todd Anderson
Drums 1994 2012
Mike Myerson
Lead guitar 1994 July, 2009
Craig Anderson
Guitar 1994 2012
Chuck Crawford
Fiddle, Backing Vocals 1994
Jason Albert
Lead Vocals 1994
Backing Vocals, Bass guitar 1994 2012
Chad Austin
Vocals 2012

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2.Tomorrow Psychedelic rock

Tomorrow were a 1960s psychedelic rock band. Despite critical acclaim and support from DJ John Peel who featured them on his "Perfumed Garden" radio show, the band was not a great success in commercial terms. They were among the first psychedelic bands in England along with Pink Floyd and Soft Machine. Tomorrow recorded the first ever John Peel show session on BBC Radio 1 on 21 September 1967.

Member history

Member Role Start End

Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
Sam / Thimble Full of Puzzles (Mark Wirtz' Mood Mosaic)
1967 Single on gramophone record
Excerpt From A Teenage Opera" / Theme From "A Teenage Opera""
1967 Single on gramophone record
Mark Wirtz Orchestra


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