Ken Rockwell Photographer

Ken Rockwell is an American photographer whose work has been published in several magazines and books. Rockwell's photography and educational workshops are well-attended and his photographic expertise is sought by both amateur and professional, alike. Rockwell is known for his large-format images as well as images made on both 35 mm film and digital cameras. In addition to the images he produces, Rockwell is known for his advice to photographers. He stresses mastery of composition and lighting over the technical details of the camera used to obtain an image. Unlike many camera experts, Rockwell's advice often centers on a piece of equipment's usability rather on its inherent technical qualities. Rockwell currently resides in La Jolla, California with his wife and young son. Rockwell chooses his equipment based on its ability to produce pictures quickly and reliably rather than its popularity with fellow professionals. As such, he uses cameras from a variety of manufacturers, including both Nikon and Canon. Rockwell currently favors the Nikon D3 for its speed and color rendition, the Canon 5D for its sharpness, and the Nikon D40 for its convenience.

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