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Khin Myo Chit (Burmese: ခင်မျိုးချစ်, pronounced [kʰɪ̀ɴ mjó tɕʰɪʔ]; 1 May 1915 – 2 January 1999) was a Burmese author and journalist, whose career spanned over four decades. She began her career writing short stories in Burmese for Dagon Magazine in 1934. She worked on the editorial staff of The Burma Journal during anti-colonial movements. After the war, Khin Myo Chit wrote for The Oway, a Burmese newspaper. Her birth name was Khin Mya. She started her work in Burmese culture, literature and politics in the 1300 Movement. She acted as deputy head of the Women's Front of the 1300 Movement which demanded self rule at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon on 29 January 1939. Starting from that moment, she adopted the name Khin Myo Chit. After the 1300 Movement, Khin Myo Chit started writing in many patriotic Burmese papers, including the Deedoke Journal. She graduated from the University of Rangoon in 1952, and served as an editor for The Guardian Daily, when she began writing short stories and articles in English. Her story, The 13-carat Diamond, which appeared first in The Guardian Daily was featured in Fifty Great Oriental Stories, published by Bantam Classics.

Personal details

Date of birth
May 1st, 1915
Date of death
January 2nd, 1999 at age of 83
Place of death
Yangon, Myanmar




1. University of Yangon Colleges/University

Yangon University (also the University of Yangon; Burmese: ရန်ကုန် တက္ကသိုလ်, pronounced: [jàɴɡòʊɴ tɛʔkəθò]; formerly Rangoon College, Rangoon University and Rangoon Arts and Sciences University), located in Kamayut, Yangon, is the oldest and most well-known university in Myanmar. The university offers mainly graduate degree (master's, post-graduate diploma and doctorate) programs in liberal arts, sciences and law. Full-time bachelor's degree have not been offered at the university's main campus since the student protests of 1996.

Type Public university
University Avenue Rd., Ward (10), Kamayut, 11041 - Yangon, Yangon Region
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b. 1913., Writer
b. 1929., Writer
b. 1966., Writer
b. 1915., Journalist
b. 1911., Politician
b. 1914., Politician
b. 1915., Politician
b. 1913., Politician


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