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Christian Davies (1667 – 7 July 1739), born Christian Cavanagh, was a trooper and later a sutler for the 4th Dragoons, later the 2nd Royal North British Dragoons. She was also known as Kit Cavanagh and Mother Ross. She served, in disguise, as a soldier in the British Army. First as an infantry man, from 1697 until 1701, and then for five years as a dragoon in the Scots Greys from 1701 until discovered in 1706 while searching for her husband. Christian "Kit" Cavanagh was born in 1667 in Dublin, Ireland. Throughout her life, she would use the surnames: Welsh, Welch, Ross, Jones, and Davies. She was the daughter of a local brewer. Although her parents were Protestants, they supported King James II during his campaign in Ireland. Her father served with the Jacobite Army, dying as a result of wounds at the Battle of Aughrim. Her family's property was confiscated as a result of their support for the Jacobite cause. Kit Cavanagh was a bit of a wild girl. As a teenager, she became involved with a relative of her mother's. Unable to care for her, some accounts have her fleeing her mother, Kit Cavanaugh went to live with her aunt who ran a public house in Dublin. Soon, she met and married  ( Wikipedia article )


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