Kiyotei is a digital artist and mail artist from Carlsbad, CA. In addition to traditional media, he has produced many examples of Computer-generated art including 2-D, vector graphics , 3-D rendering (computer graphics), fractal art and stereograms . He has actively participated in online collaborations since 1992. He distributed his digital work via BBS ( Bulletin Board System ), Newsgroups and AOL prior to the WWW explosion. In 1994, he began to actively collaborate in online collaborations like Panic, Impulse Freak and Gridcosm on Sito. He was an early member of In 1999, he began to create mailed art and to participate in the mail art network. In addition to computer-generated art and video projects, he creates mail art postcards , artistamps , artist trading cards and other postal art media. Artwork Exhibits: Kudsu ATC Gallery 3rd World Photo Journey Mail Art Calls Hosted: X-Ray Specs (2000) | Dog's Life (2001) | Virri ATC (2004) Web Site Projects: Kiyotei's den | | Flashlight Artist Interviews | Matangi Island He is editor of the mail art and artistamp directory: DMOZ email: [ kiyotei@beer.

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