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Kristian B. Stiles (born 1976) is a political fundraising consultant most notable for her role as the former National Finance Director and consultant to former New York governor Elliot Spitzer, who resigned after involvement in a sex scandal on March 17, 2008. In an investigative article on March 16, 2008, the New York Times reported that Charles E. Clayman, a criminal defense lawyer and a former federal prosecutor, had been retained by Stiles’s consulting firm, Stiles Partner, LLC, to represent her and her deputy, Alix James, in connection with the inquiry. The New York Post reported on December 5, 2006, that Kristian Stiles was one of 49 Spitzer staffers receiving a total of $1.35 million dollars in bonus money after his successful campaign for governor or New York. Stiles received $40,000. Prior to working for governor Spitzer, Stiles worked for former Representative Richard A. Gephardt, of Missouri, as the New York Director for his 2004 Presidential bid. Kristian currently serves as the National Advisor to Governor David Paterson.

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