Ksenia Milicevic

Ksenia milicevic

Ksenia Milicevic (born 1942) is a French painter, architect and town planner. She is based in Paris, with a studio in Bateau-Lavoir in Montmartre. She also maintains a base in South West France. Ksenia Milicevic was born in 1942 in Drinici, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both parents, (mother born in U.S.A, Lackawanna, New York, father in Montenegro), were Partisans engaged in guerrilla campaigns during the Second World War. Following the Fourth anti-Partisan Offensive (January to April 1943) and the Fifth (May to June 1943) in south-eastern Bosnia and northern Montenegro, she was left with her grandparents in Montenegro. After the war, her parents joined the diplomatic service, she lived with them in Sofia and Prague. Ksenia Milicevic discovered architecture, mosaics and frescoes in old monasteries, paintings and parks. Her father, also a painter, gave her the gift of his oil-paints, resulting in her first oil-painting at the age of fifteen. Back to Belgrade, after studies in the V° Senior High School and one year in the University of Engineering, in 1962 she moved to Algiers, where she studied Architecture in the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the Institute of Urbanism.

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