Kumaraswamy Pulavar Poet

Kumaraswamy pulavar

A. Kumaraswamy Pulavar of Chunnakam, 1854-1922, Eminent Tamil Scholar and Poet from Jaffna.'''Chunnakam Kumaraswamy Pulavar was born to Ampalavanar and Chithamparammai in 18-01-1854 as only son, among two daughters. When the pulavar was 5, he stared studying Tamil under Namasivaya Desikar and also started studying at Malakam English School. At the age of 8 started learning Tamil literature from Murukasu Panditar. Encouraged by Arumuga Navalar, a friend of his grand uncle Muthukumara kavirayar, pulaver started learning Sanskrit literature from a close relative, Naganatha Panditar from the age of 9. In 1878 Rao Bhahadur C W Thamootharampillai asked the Pulavar to teach at his Saivapracasa Tamil School at Elalai and 2 years later C W Thamootharampillai made the Pulavar, principal of the school. During this time pulaver wrote number of research papers on ancient Tamil literature. He also wrote and published lot of articles on greatness of Saiva religion to counter the insulting articles published by Christian clergy of that time in Jaffna and Tamilnadu. In 1892 married chinnachiammai, daughter of Mylvahanam of Kantharodai/Uduvil.

Personal details

Date of birth
January 18th, 1854
Sri Lanka
Date of death
March 23rd, 1922 at age of 68
Place of death
Jaffna, Sri Lanka


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