Lalla Latifa

Lalla Latifa Hammou (born 1945 or 1946) is the widow of king Hassan II and the mother of Princess Lalla Meryem, King Mohammed VI, Princess Lalla Asma, Princess Lalla Hasna and Prince Moulay Rachid. Although she never held the title of "Queen," she is referred to using terms such as "mother of the royal children". The privacy accorded to her in Morocco is so great that attempts to publish photos her in the Moroccan newspaper Al Ayam have been found to violate Moroccan law (in accord with a 1956 decree prohibiting publication of photos of the king and his family without authorization). Born Fatima Hammou, but called Latifa (to avoid confusion with her cousin, the king's other wife, the former Lalla Fatima bint Qaid Amhourok), Lalla Latifa is the daughter of a senior Berber notable of the Zaiane tribe, related to Mouha ou Hammou Zayani, and niece of the Kaid Ould Hassan Amhourak. She married Hassan II in 1961.

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