Lázaro Chacón González

Politician from Guatemala

Lázaro Chacón González (June 27, 1873 – April 9, 1931) was the acting President of Guatemala from 26 September 1926 to 18 December 1926 and President of Guatemala from 19 December 1926 to 2 January 1931. Born in Teculután, Zacapa he was the son of Juan José Chacón Paiz and Soledad González Paiz who died during his birth. He is grandson of José Deciderio Chacón and María del Rosario Paiz, and also grandson of Vicente González Chacón and Josefa Paiz Cordón. Chacón's aunt, Cleta Chacón became his adopted mother. He married Josefina Pazos. Chacón was first appointed to the position of Chairman following the death of General José María Orellana with Jorge Ubico being his opponent. He then defeated Ubico in the national elections. His government took some liberties such as creating the National Mortgage Bank as well as constructing the Faculty of Medicine building for the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Also completed was the Legislative Palace. During his presidency, the Guatemalan currency was stabilized. Chacón died in the United States, April 9, 1931 at age 57.  ( Wikipedia article )


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Lazaro Chacon Gonzalez
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Santiago de Cuba

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