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Le Sang Lê Sáng (1920 – September 27, 2010) was the President of the Vovinam Vietnamese Martial Arts World Federation, a position he had held from 1960 until his death. Le Sang was born to Le Van Hien (also known as Duc Quang) (1887–1959) and Nguyen Thi Mui (1887–1993). He was ill as a child, which made it difficult for him to walk, and his mother advised him to study a martial art in order to strengthen his legs. In Hanoi he learned Vovinam at Nguyễn Lộc's Vovinam school. Soon Le Sang was a teacher himself and, together with Nguyễn Lộc, continued to develop Vovinam. In 1954 Le Sang accompanied Nguyễn Lộc to Saigon to open a Vovinam class. He continued to open additional Vovinam schools and, as of 2007, was still teaching the higher-ranked students. In 1960, Nguyễn Lộc passed the leadership of Vovinam to Le Sang. He was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and died in Ho Chi Minh City.  ( Wikipedia article )


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