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The Leatherman (ca. 1839–1889) was a particular vagabond, famous for his handmade leather suit of clothes, who traveled a circuit between the Connecticut and the Hudson River from about 1856 to 1889. Although of unknown origin, he was thought to be Canadian, or possibly French, because of his fluency in French, his broken English and the French-language prayer book found on his person after his death. His identity remains controversial, and unknown. He walked a 365 mile long 36 day route throughout western Connecticut, and eastern New York. Living in rock shelters and "leatherman caves", as they are now locally known, he stopped at towns along his 365 mile loop once every 34 days for food and supplies. He was dubbed the "Leatherman" as his entire adornment, from hat, scarf, clothes to shoes were handmade of leather. Fluent in French, he communicated mostly with grunts and gestures, rarely using his broken English. When asked about his background, he would abruptly end the conversation. Upon his death, a French prayerbook was found among his possessions. He declined meat as food on Fridays, giving rise to speculation that he might be Roman Catholic. It is unknown how he earned  ( Wikipedia article )


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