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Writer from United Kingdom

Lilian Helen Bowes Lyon (1895–1949) was a British poet. Born 23 December 1895 at Ridley Hall in Northumberland. She was the youngest daughter of the Honourable Francis Bowes Lyon. and was a first cousin of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. During the First World War, Lilian Bowes Lyon helped at Glamis Castle (owned by her uncle) which became a convalescence home for soldiers. Her brother Charles Bowes Lyon was killed in the war on 23 October 1914, inspiring her poem “Battlefield” which was later published in “Bright Feather Fading”. After the First World War, Lilian Bowes Lyon studied for a time at the University of Oxford and then moved to London. She was independently wealthy. In 1929, she met the writer William Plomer CBE and through him, Laurens van der Post. She published two novels, “The Buried Stream” (1929) and “Under the Spreading Tree” (1931) but thereafter focused on poetry. Lilian Bowes Lyon published six individual collections with Jonathan Cape and a “Collected Poems” in 1948. Her “Collected Poems” contains an introduction by C. Day-Lewis who noted noted the influences of Emily Dickinson, Hopkins and Christina Rossetti. Her verse appeared in many  ( Wikipedia article )


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