Lindsay Applegate

Lindsay applegate

Lindsay Applegate (September 18, 1808 – November 28, 1892) was a pioneer known for blazing the Applegate Trail, an alternative end of Oregon Trail in the U.S. state of Oregon. The trail was blazed with his brothers Charles and Jesse in 1846. Lindsay Applegate was born to Daniel and Rachel Applegate in Kentucky on September 18, 1808. The family moved to the Osage Valley in Missouri in 1820 where they farmed. In 1831, Lindsay married Elizabeth Miller, whose sister Melinda was married to Lindsay's older brother Charles, and they had six sons. He fought in the Black Hawk War against Native Americans in 1832. In 1843, Lindsay and Charles traveled along with their younger brother Jesse after they all sold their farms in Missouri, bought several hundred head of cattle and set out for Oregon at the behest of Jesse's good friend Robert Shortess. At that time, the final hundred or so miles beyond the Wascopam Mission were by boat through dangerous winds, rapids, and eddies on the Columbia River. Lindsay's nine year old son Warren perished, as did Jesse's ten year old Edward who did not know how to swim.

Personal details

Date of birth
September 18th, 1808
Date of death
November 28th, 1892 at age of 84
Place of death
Klamath Falls




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