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Sir Lionel Alfred Luckhoo KCMG, CBE, Q.C. (March 2, 1914–December 12, 1997) was a Guyana born politician, diplomat, and well-known lawyer, famed for his 245 consecutive successful defences in murder cases. Luckhoo's grandfather, Moses Luckhoo, was one of many Indians brought to Guyana as indentured labourers in the sugar cane industry in the mid-19th century. In 1899 Sir Lionel's father, Edward Alfred Luckhoo, became the first Indian solicitor of Guyana. Luckhoo was born in New Amsterdam, British Guiana, and was one of three sons and two daughters born into a prominent family of lawyers. His mother was Evelyn Maude Mungal-Singh, and his sisters were Ena Luckhoo and Renee Luckhoo. His two brothers, Edward Victor Luckhoo and Claude Lloyd Luckhoo, became Queen's Counsels. He was educated at Queen's College, Georgetown, Guyana. Then he began studying medicine at St. Thomas' Hospital in England but quickly felt squeamish about surgical procedures. He shifted over to legal studies and was called to the English bar in the Middle Temple in 1940. At the same time that Allied troops were evacuating from Dunkirk in World War II, Luckhoo left England for his homeland.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 2nd, 1914
Date of death
December 12th, 1997 at age of 83
Places lived
Fort Worth , Texas
pop. 792,727 (2013)


1. Queen's College, Guyana Colleges/University

Queen's College is a secondary school in Guyana situated at the south-easterly junction of Camp Street and Thomas Lands. Students can enter the school through the National Grade Six Assessment(NGSA) and at the Lower 6th Form Level if the academic performance of the student at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate(CSEC) is satisfactory.

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Junction of Camp Street and Thomas Lands, Georgetown, Demerara-Mahaica
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