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Liz Carr is a British actor, stand-up comedian, television presenter and international disability rights activist. She frequently refers to her disability in her stand up, and is frank about the difficulties inherent in doing so - "I've had some tuts, which is fantastic... I look quite frail to some people, so it's like, 'She's talking about sex, she's swearing.' Every stereotype you didn't expect. People generally look terrified. 'Oh my God, is she going to be funny? Can we laugh at this?'". She co-hosts the BBC's Ouch! Podcast with Mat Fraser. She has been part of a number of comedy groups, including "Abnormally Funny People" with Chris McCausland, Tanyalee Davis, Steve Day, Steve Best and Simon Minty. In May 2008 she joined with ADAPT, a prominent disability rights group in the United States, to raise money for ADAPT and to protest presidential candidate John McCain's refusal to support the right of people with disabilities to live in their own homes .

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