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Lord Gordon-Gordon, also known as Lord Gordon Gordon, Lord Glencairn and The Hon. Mr. Herbert Hamilton (c1840–1874) was a British fraud and impostor, responsible for one of the greatest swindles in the 19th century United States. He swindled $1 million from Jay Gould, who was fighting for control of the Erie Railroad, and then fled to Canada. A failed kidnapping attempt by Gould and associates ended in their arrest and almost caused a military confrontation between the United States and Canada. Little is known about the early life of Lord Gordon-Gordon. His real name is unknown, and it was rumoured that he was the illegitimate son of a North Country clergyman and his family maid. The first major incident involving Gordon-Gordon was in 1868, when under the name of "Lord Glencairn", he swindled London jewellers Marshall & Son for £25,000. In March 1870, he left Britain and travelled to the United States. Glencairn took the name "Lord Gordon-Gordon" as his alias, claiming to be a cousin of the Campbells, a descendant of Lochinvar and of the ancient kings of the Scottish Highlands. He arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and became involved with the Northern Pacific Railway. He told them  ( Wikipedia article )


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