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Lou Reizner (born Chicago 1934, died London 26 June 1977) was a record producer, A&R executive and head of Mercury Records European operations. As a producer, he is perhaps best known for Rod Stewart's first two solo albums, for the orchestral version of The Who's rock opera Tommy, and Rick Wakeman's Journey to the Centre of the Earth. As an A&R executive, he signed Van der Graaf Generator and arranged a US deal for David Bowie. He had one child, Claudia Collingbourne. Born in Chicago, Reizner started off as a singer and recorded a 7-track EP of classic cowboy songs entitled 'Chante Cow-Boy' for the French label Le Chant Du Monde, before going to work for Mercury Records. He produced Dick Campbellā€™s debut album Dick Campbell Sings Where Its At in 1965, using Mike Bloomfield and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, who had previously backed Bob Dylan, to give a Dylanesque sound. Reizner was a keen talent spotter, and moved to England in 1966 where he produced Big Jim Sullivan. He gave the Greek Rock band Aphrodite's Child their name.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
June 26th, 1977 at age of 43
Place of death
London, United Kingdom
Cause of death

Movies music contribution

Title Year Budget Awards Producers Directors Music co-contributors External resources
Black Joy
The Drifters


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