Louis Capone

Convicted criminal from United States of America

Louis Capone Louis Capone (1896 – March 4, 1944) was a New York organized crime figure who became a supervisor for Murder, Inc. Louis Capone was not related to Al Capone, the boss of the Chicago Outfit. Born in Naples, Italy, Capone moved to New York City with his family and grew up in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. As an adult, Capone moved to Brownsville, Brooklyn. Capone was described as a suave, well-groomed man who projected sympathy. He had watery blue eyes and a broken nose. Capone's legitimate business was a pasticceria (an Italian-style cafe serving coffee and pastries) in Brooklyn. The pasticceria became a popular hangout for teenagers, including future street gang leaders Abe Reles and Harry Maione. Capone built up a rapport with the boys by giving them free food. These young men soon became Capone's proteges in crime. Capone had strong connections with the Purple Gang of Detroit, and was operating loansharking operations in both Detroit and New York. Capone was also involved in labor racketeering with the local Plasterers Union. Capone also had close ties with mobster Joe Adonis. In 1929, Capone survived an assassination attempt. On July 29, Capone was buying green peppers at  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
Place of birth
United States of America


Date of death
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Electric chair,Capital punishment

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