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Louis John Osbourne (born 1975), is the second child of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and his first wife Thelma Riley. Louis married actress Louise Lennon in a ceremony on 31 December 2003, in Kinnitty Castle near Birr, County Offaly in Ireland in a four-day event. Guests later participated in clay-pigeon shooting and were able to choose between visiting a spa or horse riding. His father, Ozzy Osbourne, could not attend his wedding due to his quad-bike accident. Born to Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne. He is married to actress Louise Lennon and is stepson to Ozzy's second wife, Sharon Osbourne. He has five siblings: He has a daughter named Maia. The younger Osbourne as a child, appeared on the cover of his father's second solo album Diary of a Madman (album).

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