Louis Jones, Jr. Soldier

Louis jones jr

Louis Jones, Jr. (March 4, 1950 – March 18, 2003) was a convicted murderer executed by lethal injection by the federal government of the United States. He was convicted of the February 18, 1995, murder of Private Tracie Joy McBride, after kidnapping her from Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas. As of 2009, he is the most recent person executed by the federal government. McBride had been at Goodfellow for only nine days when Jones entered her house around 9 p.m. and kidnapped her at gunpoint, while she was on the telephone. First he took her to his own house and sexually assaulted her. The prosecution then asserts that he forced her to clean herself to remove biological trace evidence. Finally, he drove her to a bridge near San Angelo, Texas and then repeatedly struck her head with a tire iron. The force of the blows was so great that pieces of the skull were missing. As McBride was a federal employee, Jones was prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. § 1201(a)(2) (kidnapping resulting in death) and the prosecution decided to seek the death penalty under the Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994. He was tried in the U.S.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 4th, 1950
United States of America
Date of death
March 18th, 2003 at age of 53
Place of death
Terre Haute
Cause of death
Capital punishment

Military service

Force Unit Rank From To
United States Army

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