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Lucy Baldwin, Countess Baldwin of Bewdley, GBE, DGStJ (née Ridsdale; 1869 – 17 June 1945) was the wife of British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin. They were married from 12 September 1892 until her death 53 years later. The daughter of Edward Lucas Jenks Ridsdale and Esther Lucy Thacker of Rottingdean, Sussex, she was a keen sportswoman, dancer and partygoer. She was invested as a Dame of Grace, Order of St. John of Jerusalem and a Dame Grand Cross, Order of the British Empire. She was styled as Countess Baldwin of Bewdley on 8 June 1937. Apart from her home-making, raising of six children and tireless support of her husband, she was also a formidable personality in her own right. She was the founder of the Anæsthetics Appeal Fund of the National Birthday Trust Fund, and associated with the Lucy Baldwin machine for self-administration of nitrous-oxide/oxygen analgesia in obstetrics. She was involved in the Young Women's Christian Association and other charitable bodies for women, especially those concerned to improve maternity care, after having herself suffered difficult pregnancies. She was also a member of the White Heather Club, the first women's cricket club, founded at Nun  ( Wikipedia article )


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