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Luis miguel sanchez cerro

Luis Miguel Sánchez Cerro (August 12, 1889, Piura – April 30, 1933, Lima) was a high-ranking Peruvian army officer and President of Peru from 1931 to 1933. On August 22, 1930, as a lieutenant-colonel, he overturned the eleven-year dictatorship of Augusto B. Leguía after a coup d'état in Arequipa. Following Leguía's resignation, Manuel Ponce was interim president until Sánchez was chosen on August 27. The new president flew to Lima and himself served as provisional president until the military with whom he had effected the coup forced him into exile after six months in office. Luis Miguel Sánchez Cerro was born in Piura on Àugust 12th, 1889 to Don Antonio Sánchez and Doña Rosa Cerro. He was the first Peruvian president to have Indigenous Peruvian ancestry as well as being of Malagasy descent (mangache or malgache, Afro-Peruvian with ancestry from Madagascar). Luis Miguel Sánchez was wounded in five places and lost three fingers of his left hand when he seized the spitting muzzle of a machine gun (with his bare hands) and turned it against government forces during the overthrowing of President Guillermo Billinghurst, in 1914.

Personal details

Date of birth
August 12th, 1889
Date of death
April 30th, 1933 at age of 43
Place of death
Lima, Peru
Cause of death

Organizations founded

1. Revolutionary Union

Political party

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Revolutionary Union was a political party in Peru. It was founded in 1931 by Luis Miguel Sánchez Cerro and became the governing party that same year. It took part in elections in 1931 and 1945. In 1933 the leadership was taken over by Luis A. Flores who sought to mobilize mass support for the group's nationalism in a manner akin to fascism. He even started a Blackshirts paramilitary arm as a copy of the Italian group, although the Union lost heavily in the 1936 elections and faded into obscurity.

Political engagements

Revolutionary Union

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