Madame de Tessé

Adrienne Catherine, comtesse de Noailles de Tessé (24 December 1741 – December 1813), daughter of Louis, 4th duc de Noailles, sister of the Jean-Louis-Paul-François, 5th duc de Noailles, aunt of Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles, held a salon, and corresponded with Thomas Jefferson, in the early 19th century. On 20 June 1755, she married René de Froulay, Comte de Tessé (1736–1814), grandson of René de Froulay de Tessé. In February 1764, on his tour of Paris, Mozart dedicated his sonatas for piano and violin, KV8 and KV9 to her. My Master Wolfgang, however, has received from Madame la Comtesse de Tessé a gold snuff-box and a gold watch, valuable on account of its smallness In the early days of the revolutionary period, she was in Paris taking an interest in, and attending the Assembly, and holding a salon: In the salon of Madame de Tessé, who according to the Goncourt brothers, had been formulating plans for a constitutional monarchy for twenty years, "the most advanced opinions" found themselves amid what Guizot called, "a small group with elegant manners. This salon was held at her townhouse on the Rue de Varenne, Faubourg Saint-Germain.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 24th, 1741
Date of death
December, 1813 at age of #<ArgumentError: invalid date>


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