Madeleine Chéruit

Madeleine cheruit

Madame Madeleine Chéruit (died 1935) was among the foremost couturiers of her generation, and one of the first women to control a major French fashion house. Her salon operated on Place Vendôme in Paris under the name Chéruit (French pronunciation: [ ʃeʁi ]) from 1906 to 1935. Madame Chéruit and her house of couture took fashion from the Belle Époque through the Jazz Age with the leaders of French style. In 1910, one reporter wrote glowingly, "With taste, so original, so fine, and so personal, Madame Chéruit has placed her house of fashion at the first rank, not only in Paris, but in the entire world." During her career, she refined creative excesses for her aristocratic clientele, who favoured richly ornamented dresses, and, with Parisian designers such as Lucien Lelong and Louise Boulanger, she transformed high fashion into the reality of ready-to-wear. Many basic facts about the life of Madame Chéruit are uncertain. Vogue magazine described her as "a Louis XVI woman because she has the daintiness, the extravagant tastes, the exquisite charm, and the art of those French ladies who went gaily through the pre-revolution epoch.

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