Maerian Morris

Maerian Morris (May 27, 1957-...) is a Neopagan author, scholar, digital and performance artist, editor, and priestess. She edited Green Egg Magazine from 1993 to 2001, is a former High Priestess of The Church of All Worlds, and is the founder of Westernesste, a modern Neopagan church, and The Sidhevairs, a digital sacred arts and educational virtual world that merges visual, aural, 3D digital, performance and collaborative participatory arts with ritual to explore myth, mythopoeia, folklore and the creation of new archetypes. Born Linda Rosemary Barrier in California in 1957, Maerian comes from a long line of theater artists. Her paternal grandparents Edgar Barrier and Ernestine Barrier were both film actors and Broadway performers; her father, Michael Barrier, was also an actor, and her mother danced with the Lester Horton Dancers. The theater community of her childhood deeply influenced her later interests in the arts and sacred Drama. Maerian considers her father’s appearances as Lt. DeSalle on Star Trek, and the family’s friendship with Star Trek screenwriter Gene Coon as being particularly influential on her later interests in myth, fantasy, and science fiction.

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May 27th, 1957



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