Magfar Ahmed Chowdhury

Magfar Ahmed Chowdhury (Azad) (Bengali: মাগফার আহমেদ চৌধুরী (আজাদ)) was a freedom fighter during the Liberation war of Bangladesh. He was caught by Pakistan Army on August 29, 1971 and martyred. Azad studied in a university in West Pakistan for a period of time. He returned to East Pakistan and completed Masters from Department of International Relations in University of Dhaka. Azad was a member of a famous urban guerrilla groups ‘Crack Platoon’ and participated in several operations with other guerrilla fighters in Crack Platoon. In an operation, this guerrilla group executed explosions on Hotel Intercontinental. After this incident, Azad was captured by Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army raided Azad's house in Dilu Road on August 29, 1971 at midnight. He was arrested, took away to Martial law Court which was, in reality, the MP Hostel at Airport Road. Azad was brutally tortured their and martyred. Novelist Anisul Hoque has written a novel titled Maa in which Azad is the leading character.


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