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Magnoald Ziegelbauer (1689, Ellwangen in Swabia – 14 January 1750 at Olmütz) was a Benedictine monk and an ecclesiastical historian. He took vows at the Benedictine monastery of Zwiefalten on 21 November 1707, where he was ordained priest on 21 March 1713 and where he became professor of theology. Soon however some of the illiterate monks of Zwiefalten made plain their dislike of the learned and studious Ziegelbauer, who therefore obtained his abbot's permission to live at another monastery of the order. At first he went to Reichenau Abbey, where he taught theology. About 1730 the prior of this imperial monastery sent him to the court of Vienna on business relating to the monastery, after the successful accomplishment of which he taught moral theology at Göttweig Abbey from 1732–33, then returned to Vienna to devote himself to literary activity. In 1734 he became tutor of the young Barons von Latermann. From 1747 until his death he resided at Olomouc as secretary of the first learned society in the Habsburg Monarchy, the Societas eruditorum incognitorum in terris Austriacis. His other 19 printed works include: Works unprinted (as of 1908) are: This article incorporates text from  ( Wikipedia article )


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