Major Coxson

Major Coxson, who was murdered on June 8, 1973 along with his common law stepdaughter, in a gangland execution in his home on Barbara Drive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, was simultaneously "a mayoral candidate, flamboyant entrepreneur, media darling, civil rights activist, inner city power broker, fraudster, drug financier, and intermediary between Italian-American and African-American gangsters" according to Penn State Professor Sean Patrick Griffin who uses primary law enforcement records and crime reporting to make the case. The Black Mafia of Philadelphia is said to have ordered the murder of Coxson. One former Coxson associate stated, "Ali did not own the house that Coxson was murdered in. Ali lived on Winding Drive and I was friends with the Coxsons. I lived in Charleston Ridings and my house backed up to the Coxsons. Major was killed. Mrs Coxson was left blind. My parents told me the house was built and owned by a movie producer who rented the house out after a failed marriage.

Personal details

Date of death
June 8th, 1973


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