Marcel Rayman

Marcel Rayman, alias Simon Maujean, Faculté, Michel, and Michel Mieczlav 1 May 1923, Warsaw, Poland − 21 February 1944, fort du Mont-Valérien) was a Polish Jew and volunteer fighter in the FTP-MOI group of French resistance fighters during World War II, and the head of "Stalingrad", a highly active militant group. Marcel Rayman was born on 1 May 1923 in Warsaw. He came to France with his parents at the age of eight. At ten, he joined the Pionniers and the working men's sports club Yask. Making up for lost time, he studied with ease and passed his brevet élémentaire aged 15. He started working with his parents, as a textile worker. After the first groups of the Jeunesses communistes were formed, Rayman readily joined them and fought actively until the beginning of 1942, participating in illegal demonstrations, putting up posters, leafleting and other activity. He became in charge of the Jeunesses communistes in the 11th arrondissement. At the beginning of 1942, Rayman asked to join the 2nd Jewish division of the Francs-tireurs et partisans. He was accepted, distinguishing himself by bravery and intelligence. He was named to train new fighters, which role he gladly accepted.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1944 at age of 21


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