Margaret Hart Ferraro

Margy Hart was one of three burlesque dancers who performed at Minsky's Burlesque in April 1935, who were arrested for giving an indecent performance. Hart, who resided at the Hotel Forrest in Manhattan, New York, was taken into custody along with Toots Brawner, 22, of the Dixie Hotel, and Gladys McCormick, 24, of 229 West 49th Street. The three pleaded not guilty and were each held in bail. Jack Keller, 22, of Thayer Street, and Edward Goodman, 27, of 209 West 42nd Street (Manhattan) were arrested along with the dancers. Keller, a stage manager, was charged with permitting an indecent performance. Goodman was assistant manager of the Republic Theatre. The men were held in bail pending a hearing on April 16, 1935. Hart, Brawner, McCormick, and three other burlesque chorus girls were freed by Magistrate Guy Van Amringe who presided in Commercial Frauds Court, on May 7, 1935. Keller was detained in bail fixed at as was Goodman, pending a future trial date. Along with them Van Amringe ordered detained Edward Rowland, assistant manager of the Gaiety Theatre, New York, 1539 Broadway (Manhattan). The prisoners were originally arraigned in West Side Court.

Personal details

Date of birth
September 28th, 1913
Date of death
January 30th, 2000 at age of 86




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