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Margot loyola

Margot Loyola Palacios (born September 15, 1918 in Linares, Chile) is a musician, folk singer and researcher of the folklore of Chile and Latin America in general. Loyola has been active as a musician and musical ethnographer/anthropologist for many decades. She has published a large body of work dealing with musical styles, folk music and customs of all Chilean regions as well as other South American countries. She has also taught music. Loyola studied piano with Rosita Renard and Elisa Gayán at the National Conservatory of Music of Chile, and song with Blanca Hauser. In 1952 she immersed herself on the research and learning of some typical Peruvian dances and musical forms, the "marinera" and the "resbalosa". This allowed her to study the origins of these dances and to characterize the similitudes between the Peruvian versions and the Chilean ones ("resfalosa" and "cueca"). Subsequently, she worked with Porfirio Vásquez, the patriarch of black music in Peru, and then, she went on to study the indigenous culture of Peru, with José Maria Arguedas. Later on, Loyola studied Argentine and Uruguayan traditional and folk music, with Carlos Vega and Lauro Ayestarán, respectively.

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September 15th, 1918


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