María Manuela Kirkpatrick, Countess of Montijo Noble person

María Manuela Enriqueta Kirkpatrick de Closeburn y de Grivegnée, Countess of Montijo (February 24, 1794 in Malaga - November 22, 1879 in Carabanchel) was the mother of Eugénie, the Empress of the French. Dona Manuela was born the daughter of an expatriate Scotsman, William Kirkpatrick of Conheath, a wine merchant and Consul of the United States of America in Malaga, Spain, and his Liège-born wife, Marie Françoise de Grivegnée, whose sister Catherine married the French diplomat, Matthieu de Lesseps. María Manuela was brilliant, vivacious and talented. In 1817 she married Don Cipriano de Palafox y Portocarrero (1785–1839), Count de Teba, and later Count de Montijo, Marquis de Algava, and Duke of Granada, Duke of Peñaranda, a grandee of Spain, a Bonapartist, and veteran of the Napoleonic Wars. They had two daughters, and a son, Paco, who died young. Their daughters were María Francisca de Sales, generally known as Paca (1825–1860), who inherited most of the family honours, and Eugénie, born one year later. In the 1830s Manuela and the girls moved to Paris for their education.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 24th, 1794
Date of death
November 22nd, 1879 at age of 85




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