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Marie denise villers

Marie-Denise Villers (1774 – August 19, 1821) was a French painter, who specialized in portraits. She was born Marie-Denise Lemoine in Paris. She came from an artistic family, and her sisters Marie-Victoire Lemoine and Marie-Élisabeth Gabiou were also accomplished artists. In 1794, Marie-Denise married an architecture student, Michel-Jean-Maximilien Villers. Villers was a student of the French painter Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson. She was first exhibited at the Paris Salon of the Year VII (1799). Villers' most famous painting, Young Woman Drawing, (1801) is displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The painting was attributed to Jacques-Louis David at one time, but was later realized to be Villers' work. It may be a self-portrait of the artist.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
August 19th, 1821 at age of 47
Place of death
Paris, France
Places lived
Paris , France
pop. 2,243,833 (2010)



Art periods / movements


Begun Ended Other artists
born 1803

Art forms 1

Form Contemporaries
born 1761
born 1767
born 1776


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