Marina Ogilvy

Marina Victoria Alexandria Ogilvy (born 31 July 1966) is the only daughter of Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy and the late Sir Angus Ogilvy. She was born in Thatched House Lodge, Richmond Park. Her godfather is The Prince of Wales. She was named after her grandmother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, who was born a Princess of Greece and Denmark. She married Paul Mowatt, a photographer, on 2 February 1990 in St. Andrew's Church, Ham, Surrey, when she was already five months pregnant with their first child, which had caused a minor scandal and resulted in public accusations traded between Ogilvy and her parents. They divorced on 4 December 1997. They had a daughter, Zenouska, who was born three months after they married, and a son, Christian. She works as a composer for film and television. She is 37th in the line of Succession to the British Throne.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 31st, 1966



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