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Mario Bardanca (Montevideo, 1968) is an Uruguayan sportscaster, journalist, radio personality and writer. He worked in sports journalism since his youth in radio and television. Bardanca has worked at Channel 10, commenting on sports highlights and as a commentator on «Deporte Total», «La Cabalgata Deportiva Gillette», and «El Despegue» TV shows. He was the anchor who led special cycles of the Olympic Games (1992, 1996 and 2000). He also participated in the sports show «Línea de Tres», hosted «La Caja Negra» and was a columnist for «Informe Capital», on the channel TV Ciudad. And also writes articles for the magazine «Caras y Caretas». In radio, he hosts the program «Derechos Exclusivos», and provides commentary on "Estadio Uno" on Channel 5, a classic of Uruguayan television. He currently serves on the news team of Telenoche, on Monte Carlo TV Channel 4. In 2007, the book "Yo, Paco" won the Libro de Oro (Golden Book).

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