Mario Etheridge

Mario Etheridge was a bouncer at 8 Mile Road's CCC Club in Detroit, Michigan who gained notoriety after becoming engaged in a fracas at his place of employ which ended in the death of Detroit rapper Proof of D12, real name Deshaun Holton, and Etheridge's cousin Keith Bender. Shots from Etheridge's weapon killed Proof but he was not charged with the rapper's murder due to the fact that he was judged to be acting in defence of his cousin, who had by that stage been attacked and shot by Proof. Etheridge was, however, imprisoned on weapons charges, serving six months, as well as being fined $2000. The prosecution alleged that Etheridge's firing of warning shots during the course of the argument between Proof and Bender indirectly caused the fatalities by heightening tension and provoking Proof into firing at Bender.

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