Mario Urteaga Alvarado

Visual Artist

Urteaga Alvarado, Mario (b. Cajamarca, April 1, 1875 - d. Cajamarca, June 12, 1957) was a Peruvian painter. He originally worked as a journalist, administrator and teacher. However, he switched to oil painting at around the age of 30. Unlike their indigenist colleagues, trained in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Lima and assets, Urteaga was a self-taught artist and had developed the central work of his paintings in Cajamarca. This circumstance contributed to shaping the image of the artist as topical spontaneous product of his environment and to project an ambivalent perception of his work, sometimes classified as non-academic and as a manifestation of the independent indigenousness. With a mix of classicism and naturally it was fascinating to the viewer of his time, peasant scenes carefully composed by the artist seemed to embody the peripheral end of the nationalist aspirations of an entire generation would have achieved Urteaga display "Indians more Indians have been painted", according to the concluding sentence of Teodoro Núñez Ureta. The reality of his work and his life, however, is offers much more contradictory and complex. His spontaneity and topicality are  ( Wikipedia article )


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